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Specialists in natural stone paving and timber solutions

Lizard Landscaping has been a growing business since 2007 and is continuing to do so due to hard work and the ethics on which we work. I feel that in order to build a strong business you must have honesty, reliability and craftsmanship. At Lizard Landscaping, we stand out from the rest by going that extra mile to ensure that everything is completed to the highest standard and that clients are left feeling delighted with the end product.

Whether it is a full garden makeover or just simply a few paving slabs for shed foundations exactly the same attention to detail is applied as consistency is crucial to reputation.

Communication and friendliness is considered to be very important for a number of reasons. Primarily because it is essential that the client feels comfortable in being able to approach us and ask questions about the processes involved in the work being carried out, or to have it explained to them as to help them visualise the end product and make them feel part of the creation, thus enhancing the satisfaction of relaxing in their new garden once completed. Also I feel that being courteous and polite reflects the nature of Lizard Landscaping and the satisfaction that we take from creating pleasure for other people by giving them a special place to relax


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